There are many different ways to market a business or communicate with people online. Some choose to make their own website and use search engine optimization strategies to help potential customers come to them through Google or Yahoo searches or ads - that is, people who are actively looking for their service or product. Others believe that it is more effective to send something out to all those that might be interested. If you're trying to get information to a large group of people then you might consider sending a bulk email. This can work if you're telling your clients about a new product or service you offer, or if you want to notify customers about a new promotion you are running.

If you're sending out a bulk email as a business then there are two different ways that you can get the addresses that you will be sending your information to. The first is to start a mailing list where existing and new customers can choose to give you their email address and want to know about the latest condominiums for rent or want to be told about sales at their favourite clothing store. It might take a while to build up this list if you're running a small company but you will know that each person does want to receive information about your business.

The second is to purchase the email addresses of people who might be interested in your products or services. There are several websites that sell this information and when you're sending out this type of email it is generally going to be considered spam by the people that get it. You also will not know if you're sending your bulk email to someone's personal address or their work account. Many of these people will not read your email but this is also potential for finding new customers who otherwise would not have known about your business.

If you're sending out a personal bulk email then there is etiquette attached to this as well. Many people send out bulk emails when they have the same thing to say to many different people. You might want to tell them about how you now have online art for sale that they could look at and purchase or you could want to tell a group of friends and family that you're getting married. One of our website supporters, Dufferin Rogers Dental tell us that they send out bulk emails to previous patients when they are running a promotion on say dental products, or offering a new service. Make sure that you word the email so that everyone knows that it is a bulk email and not specifically to that one recipient. This will keep them from accidentally responding to everyone that you initially emailed. You should also be careful sometimes with who you're sending a bulk email to and who deserves something more personal.

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