Many real estate agents would readily tell you that when it comes to society, the landscape for being too busy has really changed and continues to do so. Seniors for example, now find themselves too busy to look after their homes and as a matter of convenience, they are deciding more and more to move to condos where they do not have to bother with such things as having to maintain the exterior of their home, or their lawns and gardens.

Many condos for example, are fully equipped with the modern conveniences: a doorman, shopping malls close by, and indoor shopping and gyms. This gives someone more time to pay attention to some of the more socially oriented activities: getting to know each other more easily.

Whatever happened to those good old pen pals? The ones that we always found time for; time to write to them and exchange ideas and stories? The ones who could tell us more about a condo for sale than the newspaper ad? Or about the unemployment rate in California?

Maybe it is time that we brought back those kinds of days gone by fun times! When pen pals were a joy to write to. When someone in Montreal could write to their pen pal in BC and ask them to send along info about the area. Or to write to our pen pal in France and learn so much about their far away country.

Or turning the tables around; we could tell our pen pal about some really attractive investment opportunities. The neat thing about having a pen pal or being one, there is really no age limit. Pen pals can share or pass on their knowledge. They can exchange ideas, sympathize with each other, and commiserate with each other. You really don't need to know a person in order to be their pen pal and that's the beauty of it. The ability and opportunity to communicate across the miles without even having to come face to face. It's like communicating in the dark so to speak.

The world could do with more of these types of communications. It is another way to meet and make friends. Another way to add to our repertoire of communication channels. Another way for us to learn more about what goes on around us. Time to bring back some good old fashioned communicating.

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