With all of the different technologies and programs, like cell phones and Twitter accounts, now allowing us to communicate large messages in just a few words, it might seem like spelling and grammar are not as important as they once were. But, to get through the best schools have to offer and to work in most professions you're still going to need to know the basics and be able to communicate well through your writing. Here are some tips for keeping this up and teaching your children.

Start teaching early when it comes to educating you children in proper spelling and grammar. It's natural that when they're learning to speak that they are going to use broken English and that when they start to write there will be spelling mistakes. But you shouldn't feel shy about correcting them when they have done something incorrectly. If you do this, soon you will find them running around your house or in preschool using the correct phrases and reading more quickly. Children love to learn and usually don't mind getting a little help.

Read and write every day. When you're working you might not realize just how much you're reading over paperwork or writing an email to a client. This is all great for keeping up your spelling and grammar skills. But, what if you're working in an auto body shop for Toyota or as a dentist or dental assistant? If you have a more active profession and want to keep your skills at their best then you're going to need to put in a bit more effort to make sure that you're reading and writing.

Recognize what style you're writing in and adjust your grammar accordingly. If you're writing a resume to a company in the hopes of getting your first job, you're likely going to care more about your spelling and grammar than if you're writing an email to your best friend with some pictures of your vacation. But there are some grey areas where you might not be sure how formal a style you should take. If you're selling products on an online site you might wonder how important your grammar will be. If you're unsure it's always a good idea to keep things on the formal side.

Spelling and grammar are certainly things that we do not want to let slide throughout the years no matter what industry we're working in or whom we're talking to. You never know when you might need to write that next cover letter or be introduced to someone who you want to give a great impression to along the way.

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