It might seem like you need to watch a movie set in a different time to view someone actually sitting down with a paper and pen to write a letter. Now we are able to send an email in a matter of seconds to the other side of the world that includes photos or work documents or details about every aspect of our lives. But there are still some who enjoy the process of sending out a handwritten letter or note and there are definitely those that appreciate receiving one.

When you're sending out something that's handwritten it's usually going to have a little more sentiment than shooting off an email or text. It might be a thank you for visiting while you were in the hospital or a letter written at Christmas time to tell your family and friends what you have been up to in the past year. If you're going to take the time to write this letter than you should also try to have something meaningful to tell them. It doesn't have to be careful writer prose but it should be interesting and well written. You might be telling them about your son becoming a home builder or could be letting them in on wedding plans.

One of the best things about letters is that they were commonly written on nice looking stationary. You might have gone to the mailbox and pulled out a special looking envelope or found the letter on paper that really showed the writer's personality. Spend some time thinking about how you're going to present your letter as well as what it's going to say. This might be something that the recipient wants to keep for some time as a keepsake and you want to make sure that it looks nice.

Writing letters can still be a great way of keeping in touch with people who might not be at the height of technology. You might have a friend who was able to start a home based business that helps the poor in India. This might be someone who doesn't have daily access to the Internet. Or you could be writing to a grandparent that lives on the other side of the country and can no longer hear well enough to talk on the phone. There are so many reasons why putting pen to paper is still the best way to communicate.

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