The idea of the traditional family has evolved in recent years and has almost come full circle in some way. For the past few decades traditional families consisted of parents and their natural offspring. Nowadays you'll find all kinds of families and there's one in particular that is making a comeback and that is the extended family.

Extended families have become quite common in today's day and age where different generations of families are all living under the same roof. Parents, children and grandparents sharing the same home or condo is something that you see more often than not and that's especially true once grandparents have reached their retirement age.

Parents are tasked with having to take care of their children. Eventually their children grow up, leave the family nest and start their own lives. Once that happens the parents are allowed to start their new lives while their children have moved on to bigger and better things. At some point down the line the circle of life takes place where the parents move in with their children and their families, where it's just easier for everybody to be living in the same home rather than not.

Now it's up to the grown up children who have become adults to not only take care of their children but their parents as well. Retirees who move in with their children do so because they need some help maintaining their everyday lives because they can no longer function at a level they were once accustomed to. They may have even had to put their old home up for sale because the house was too big and too empty and instead of moving into a retirement home moving in with their children to form an extended family made the most sense. It's something that is happening a lot, especially with how pensions are becoming less of a certain thing and the rising cost of living figures.

It's just easier for everybody to live close to each other rather than having children send their parents to retirement homes to be taken care of by strangers. At times it can be difficult for everybody to get along, as grandparents have to get used to living under someone else's rules after decades of making the rules and being looked to as the ones responsible for the house and children have to now tell their parents how to live their lives while balancing the check book and paying the mortgage. However, all of that gets pushed to side, as the home becomes a true family home where everybody gets to be near each other each and every single day.

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