When shopping for real estate there are a few financial concerns prospective home buyers tend to place a high level of importance on such as real estate agent commissions and monthly mortgage payments. Not to mention the listing price of the home they eventually make an offer to purchase.

While those are very important financial areas to be concerned with when shopping for real estate there is something else that interested home buyers will want to set some money aside for during the home buying experience and that is a home inspection. Yes, the home inspection is something that those looking to purchase real estate either ignore or don't know much about and that's a shame because a home inspection is one of the most important tools in the home buying process.

It's true that there are already a number of expenses that make up purchasing real estate but that doesn't mean paying for a home inspector for example, is something you shouldn't do just because you are already up to your ears in home buying expenses. There's a lot of good that comes out of an inspection and it's something worth setting aside a few extra hundred dollars to have completed.

Home inspections aren't going to cause you to go broke when shopping for real estate and it's not out of the question to be able to pay only three or four hundred dollars for a report. That might seem like a lot but when you're paying your real estate agent thousands of dollars and you're paying a down payment for a home that has a whole lot of zeros behind the first number is paying for a home inspector really something that you can't justify to yourself?

Each home inspector from Team One Inspections for example, is going to charge a different fee but in general home inspection fees are based on the size of the property being expected. For example, anything less than a 1000 square feet the cost is around $275, for anything between 3000-3500 square feet the fee is about $450, and anything bigger than that will require a quote. In some instances an extra feel will be applied for inspections of crawlspaces or pools. Whatever you need inspected in it shouldn't be too hard finding a home inspector to provide you with what you're looking for. Good luck!

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