It wasn't too long ago when if you wanted to get a hold of someone you had the option of just phoning them at home or writing them a letter. But now there are multiple ways of getting information to your children, spouse or to friends you met on a cruise a few years back. You could send an email, write a text message or phone them on likely a few different numbers. Even with all of these options, there is still something to say for good old snail mail.

Snail mail is the new slang for regular postage, as even the fastest delivery will take longer to get to the recipient than anything you're sending through digital means. Most messages could reach you a few times over in the time that it take for you to get from the door to the mailbox at the end of the driveway. For this reason, it seems that the things that are sent to the mail have become more selective. Here are some of the things that you might still want to mail or find in your own actual mailbox instead of your inbox.

If you're ordering things online than you're still going to have to make use of snail mail before it can reach your door. While you no longer have to go out to the store to buy new license plate frames (for example), online shopping at is available instead and the products are shipped right to you, via snail mail of course. One of the best things about shopping online is that you can buy items from all over the country and the world and get them to your door in a matter of days. But you should remember to factor in the shipping costs when you're deciding if that item is really in your budget.

Those that are sending out a letter or card in the mail opposed to an email usually want to show that they are taking some extra time and putting effort into what they are sending. This could be invitations for a wedding or could be thank you letters to those that sent flowers while you were in the hospital. If you're sending a special note to someone important in your life than you might want to skip sending it to their email account and write a letter instead. This can even be a great way to stay in touch with people who might not yet be embracing all of the new technologies that are out there. While you might be able to text your grandchild, you may still need to hand write a letter to your brother.

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