The older we get the more easily we tend to forget things, right? What were we saying again? Oh, right, memory loss. It's a simple fact that once you reach a certain age your memory starts to fade and you begin to remember things less frequently as you once did, be it your next appointment with your emergency dentist in Whitby or where you left the keys to your Jaguar. Just think of how many elderly people in your life are a lot more forgetful now than they once were.

Memory loss isn't something we look forward to once we reach old age but it has become something that we just get used to; however, there are researchers out there that believe memory loss is something that can be combated. The main reason why some researches feel that is because is memory loss doesn't have to be something that is an automatic downfall of old age.

Read the May Clinic's '7 Ways to Cope With Memory Loss'.

New brain cells can be produced at any age, which means that memory loss doesn't have to be an inevitable part of aging. Yes, read that again and then forget everything we said earlier about memory loss having to happen the older you get. The one thing you need to realize though is that in order for memory loss to not occur or happen less frequently the older you get is that you have to be using your brain cells, just like how muscle strength comes from being constant use. If you want to remember what you wrote down or how to calculate mass, you have to always be using your mind.

Healthy habits, daily activities and your lifestyle all play a large role in your brain's health, which in turn has a large impact on your memory. No matter what your age you always have the ability to improve your cognitive skills, protect your brain's grey matter and prevent memory loss from happening in the first place. For some people that could be reading while for others it could be doing puzzles.

Researchers also stress that many of our mental abilities are also largely unaffected just because we age. Some of those mental abilities include doing things we've always done, knowledge gained from life experience, innate common sense, and the ability to form reasonable judgments and arguments. What it all boils down to is that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and if you can stay healthy in your golden years and keep your mind sharp you won't have any worries about losing your memory.

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